élodie alexandre

ceramics / drawings

Recalibration of a domestic space, 2018

The starting point of this series of work in porcelain is a reflection on a situation whereby the artist found herself inhabiting, for a while, someone else's house. The pieces explore the way one tends to recalibrate that domestic space to recreate familiarity. Simple forms developed organically create an inside and outside space on which narrative elements are depicted. The small scale of the pieces create intimacy and the use of black and white echoes the sketches at the heart of the creative process. Once juxtaposed, the pieces allow layers to be created and visual conversations to emerge, while the individual titles given to the pieces act as narrative clues.

EA Empty cylinder, dream of a cup

Porcelain, black vitreous slip and underglaze, some transparent glaze

Size of the pieces: approximately 25 x 15 x 7 cm

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