élodie alexandre

ceramics / drawings

Post-partum, 2018

Post-partum explores episodes of the artist’s personal experience in connexion to childbirth and the post-partum depression. It evokes physical and emotional struggles, and a subsequent ongoing journey towards healing. Reflecting on a time of transition and vulnerability, it also allows for strength, recovery and acceptance to shine through.

This installation, reminiscent of a mappa mundi, was shown at the first Indian Ceramics Triennale in Jaipur in 2018. Viewers were invited to use their smartphone to uncover intimate stories narrated through poems and animations via a two-dimensional map. This interactive component was an invitation to go deeper in the narratives and enrich the dialogue on a subject largely considered taboo.


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Terracotta, vitreous slips, underglazes

Wall installation size: 3.5 m x 2 m